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I'm Bia.

As much as playing and exploring the natural world might sound like my only walk-of-life, I mostly dedicate my time to contribute, articulate and execute projects that align with my life Ethos.


I am a proficient Marine Scientist based between Australia and Brazil, with 12 years of experience focusing in Marine ecosystems. Currently, I work as a Naturalist and Expedition Guide for small expedition cruises and whale watching vessels. I freelance in Photography, Production, Creative Writing and Public Speaking.


I hold Degrees in Biological Science and Marine Sciences; and I am also an experienced Zodiac Driver & Coxswains, First-responder, Certified Rescue Diver and recreational Freediver.

Being a strong believer of inclusion, ethics, community-thinking, flexibility and commitment, I count with skill sets -that combined with my field experience and a pinch of interesting genes inherited from my curious family- allow me to take part in extraordinary work experiences around the world.

Key abilities

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Curious mind




free thinker

Kind at heart







Tenaciously efficient



Now, this is where this gets interesting!
As any good curious being, I have engaged in multiple activities and projects. Despite all the mix and match, they all complement each other.

2019  –  Present: I perform as a naturalist, marine scientist and zodiac driver on expedition ships. As a lecturer, I present for vast audiences, covering topics related to natural history, indigenous cultures, marine and land ecosystems, plastic pollution, ocean exploitation and commoditization, as well as marine conservation.


2020  –  Present: Scientific advisor and collaborator: Ymbu Agroflorestal, Ceará, Brazil.


2018  –  Present: Marine Scientist, Public Speaker and Ambassador for grassroots NGO’s and local businesses that focus on conservation, sustainability and low environmental impact. 


2013-2017  –  Crew Member for Sea Shepherd Global ships in multiple campaigns around the world, as well as doing port time repairing and maintaining the vessels.


2014  –  Research and co-authoring of a scientific paper in microplastic pollution. Dissection and analyzes of the stomach contents of Patagonian Toothfish (Dissostichus eleginoides) and Antarctic Toothfish (Dissostichus mawsoni), Antarctica.


2009 – 2010  –  Pre and primary school teacher, Colégio São João - Ilhabela, São Paulo - Brazil.


2005  –  Research Assistant at the Pink Dolphin Project – Institute of Sustainable Development Mamirauá – Solimões River, Amazon, Brazil. 


Volunteer Work

2019  –  Present: Active member - Board of Directors at Sea Shepherd Brazil.

2018  –  Scientific Advisor - Surfers for Cetaceans.

2008  –  Intern at Wildlife Rehabilitation Program, Serra do Japi, São Paulo, Brazil. 

2005  –  Research Assistant - Laboratory of Aquatic Mammals at INPA (Amazon Research Institute), Manaus, Brazil. 

"Lose sight of the shore.

That’s your only shot to discover new lands.

Harness the wind.

Quit trying to alter it.

There is but a plank between a sailor and eternity".

Recent Photography work

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