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Hello, I'm Bia Figueiredo

I'm a Marine Scientist, Brazilian by birth, Australian by heart.

I’m an ocean lover, story teller, environmental activist and full-time explorer.

My ethos?
Consciousness over convenience, moths over butterflies, mud over screens, herbs over tablets, blue water over anything.

My mission is to inspire.

Bia Figueiredo About

"The Earth is what we all have in common"

When nature knows no fear, the gap between species is almost inexistent.

Bia Figueiredo Lady Musgrave Great Barrier Reef
Bia Figueiredo Sea Shepherd Operation Icefish Antarctica
Bia Figueiredo Paraty Brazil


The ocean doesn't try to grow branches.

The moon doesn't fight to burn hot.

We don't see the stars trying to bloom.

So dream your dreams, and romance them until they begin to believe in you.

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Words of appreciation

Bia is the ray of sunshine that gently falls on your cheek on a grey day, and instantly lifts your spirits. 
Having spent so much time with her at sea, roving the far corners of our planet, I can only say that if there was ever a motley crew being assembled to embark on an expedition, Bia must be on that team.

Currently a PhD student. Always finding ways to complete his tryst with the oceans. 

Former Sea Shepherd Global Captain

Bianca Figueiredo Testimonials

I would like to acknowledge the wonderful photographers who have taken photos of me along this journey. I’m forever grateful to Camila Guermandi, Mathias Lessmann, Steve Todd, Hella Martensen, Beach Maker, Celia Galpin, Jeff Wirth, Iru Izquierdo, Jake Parker, Simon Ager, Giacomo Giorgi and Larisa Cevallos. Thank you as well to the amazing videographer Hugo Valente and my logo designer Michael Beasley.

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