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2020, the Year of Utterly Broken Hearts.

The year in which the world changed.

Separation from loved ones, while others had to say a final goodbye prematurely. Sometimes, a goodbye wasn’t even possible.

Grandparents and elders isolated from the rest of their clan, under the flag of ‘safety’.

The ones who managed their mental health well, thrived.

Lovers who have done so well in a long-distance relationship, had no choice but to let go of the idea of loving and caring for each other.

Borders closing, highly strict protocols in place.

Flights, weddings, funerals, freedom, life – all cancelled.

Fear. Confusion. Loneliness.

The world was ready for 2020 to end.

And eager for 2021 to bring answers.

But, more than that, secretly, what held the spirits high was HOPE.

It’s old. It’s primal. It’s universal.

At times, hope is often taken for granted.

Not this year. And certainly not now.

But, fear not, dear ones!

Let your hope shine bright and inject the right amount of energy to pursue your visions for this coming year.

And, if you can, choose love, always.


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